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Spotlight on Small Business

As Flight Learnings is a small business, we would like to shine a spotlight on other small businesses like us.

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is getting your name out in front of those that may have an interest in your product.  Small businesses typically don’t have the resources to market like the big companies do.  You survive by word of mouth for the most part, and fight every day to get your message out to the right people.

We would like to give you the opportunity to put your message in front of a highly targeted audience.

If you own a small business that focuses on aviation related products, we would like to invite you to tell our audience about you and your product.  We wont charge you a dime.

What we do ask in exchange is for you to write a 300 to 700 word article about you and your business.  Introduce yourself, and how you can make somebody’s flight experience better.

If you own a flight school, tell us where you’re located, how long you’ve been training flight students, what type of aircraft you offer as trainers, etc.  If you sell widgets, tell us about it and how it can improve a pilot’s experience.  Bloggers are welcome to submit their blogs too!

Please feel free to link to your website or any other web presence you have (Facebook, etc.).

In the future, once we have a few submissions, we plan on putting together a directory of small businesses (aviation related only) for our readers.  A small business marketplace.

You can submit your business here.  Just let us know in the message body that you are submitting a SPOTLIGHT small business.  If you have images that you would like to submit as part of the message, let us know in the message body and we’ll give you an email address to send them to.