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We thought it’d be helpful to create a resource page that you can turn to for all of your aviation training needs.  We’ll add more to it in the future as we discover more useful links.


  • Aviation Communication – In this in-depth series, Stephen Lewis takes you through various scenarios and situations to help you better understand what to say, and when to say it, when you’re on the radio with ATC.

Pilot Associations

  • Aircraft Owner’s and Pilot’s Association – AOPA – The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), a not-for-profit individual membership association, effectively serves the interests and needs of its members as aircraft owners and pilots, and establishes, maintains, and articulates positions of leadership to promote the economy, safety, and popularity of flight in aircraft.
  • EAA – The EAA is a growing and diverse organization of members with a wide range of aviation interests and backgrounds. EAA was founded in 1953 by a group of individuals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who were interested in building their own airplanes. Through the decades, the organization expanded its mission to include antiques, classics, warbirds, aerobatic aircraft, ultralights, helicopters, and contemporary manufactured aircraft.

Pilot Supplies

  • Amazon Pilot Store – Large inventory of just about anything you’ll need.  From flight bags to portable GPS systems to headsets.


  • Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook – An easy to read guidebook for student pilots. Recommended as the first book an any aspiring pilot’s library.
  • Say Again, Please: Guide to Radio Communications – The go-to guide for learning aviation communication, this guide educates aspiring pilots on what to say, what they can expect to hear, and what to do next when they receive instructions from ATC. With clear walkthroughs for the various situations that you might encounter, coverage of each class of airspace and talking to other sources such as FSS, this book is a staple in every student pilot’s library.
  • Stick and Rudder: An Explanation of the Art of Flying – Explains in an easy to read manner the art of flying.  Although it is old, the physics of flight never change.  A must have for anyone serious about learning to fly.

Flight Planning Tools


Calculators and Tools

Air Traffic Control