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Thank you for your interest in writing for Flightlearnings.com.

We accept articles from freelance writers as long as we feel that the subject matter covered is of benefit to our readers. We prefer that contributors be trained as pilots or in training to become pilots in the United States.

Articles should be focused on pilot training, whether it be for first time pilots or pilots looking to gain an additional certification.

We don’t want articles that are obvious marketing attempts.

We typically pay $50 or more per article and prefer that contributors have an account set up with oDesk for payment purposes. Payment is generally made on or around the day the article goes live on the website.

If links are included within the body of the article, they must be specifically related to the subject matter of the article. Links are also subject to editorial approval.

Your Article.

Articles should be 700 to 1500 words in length and about a specific topic (no “flying are good” articles).

Articles should include original, royalty free, artwork. Digital is best. If you want to send prints, let us know.

Authors are allowed a bio box, which can include the following data:

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We are looking for columnists that can deliver exceptional content on a regular basis. You must have a proven track record with us, or another website prior to being considered.

You can send us your ideas to flightlearnings@mail.com.

We reserve the right to reject any article for any reason. If you have questions as to whether or not we deem an article suitable for Flightlearnings.com, just ask.