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Those of you who are new to aviation might have heard the term density altitude thrown around by your flight instructor. While I have every confidence in your understanding of altitude, density altitude deserves a bit more attention for us to accurately plan for our airplanes’ performance capabilities. In this post, we’ll spend a little time defining density altitude, examining the factors that affect it, and discussing ways in which you can determine the density altitude of any plane you fly under any given set of circumstances.

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Fronts and Aviation

This post was submitted by an anonymous visitor on August 10, 2012. What are Weather Fronts? Fronts are the boundary between two air masses having different type of atmospheric characteristics like temperature and humidity. This boundary or a transition zone between different air masses exists due to the movement of an air mass towards another […]

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Atmosphere for Aviation

Composition of the Atmosphere Atmosphere and the weather associated with it are of the utmost importance for any aviator to study. Every science book carries the basic composition of the atmosphere and can be consulted to find out the exact composition of the gases that make up the atmosphere. Oxygen and nitrogen are the main […]

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