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Professional Pilot Training

In the years since my student pilot days, it’s fair to say I’ve spent a good deal of time playing the Monday morning quarterback regarding flight instruction practices. This has been especially true since I earned my instructor ratings and began to build better mousetraps in earnest. I’ll be the first to admit that, in some instances, personal preference and a dash of ego serve to push my hindsight to a bionic level. However, I still believe that, in certain cases, a large portion of the flight training community is going about their instruction techniques in the wrong manner.

Tanker Refuel

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Aviation Crew Resource Management

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History and Background of CRM The concept of Crew Resource Management was introduced to the aviation industry after it was revealed through investigations of a number of air accidents that many such incidents happen not because of a technical fault of the aircraft, but take place due to human errors. These human errors were not […]

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