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ATC Communications

One of the most intimidating and important parts of learning to fly can be learning ATC communications.  The ability to communicate effectively with ATC is key to safely and efficiently operating your aircraft in busy areas and airports. Practice and a little guidance will make your life much easier and take away the stress and worry when it comes time to press that little red button.

Join Stephen Lewis, one of our regular contributors, for an in depth discussion on aviation communications in the topics below.

One thing we recognized was that there are very few training sources that give you examples of what to say and when to say it. Stephen’s in-depth guide will give you example conversations between pilots and the tower for various situations.  He’ll take you through taxiing, to take-off, to navigating, landing, and taxiing back to the FBO.

For a more in-depth study of ATC communications, “Say Again, Please: Guide to Radio Communications” is one of the most popular sources.  This guide educates aspiring pilots on what to say, what they can expect to hear, and what to do next when they receive instructions from ATC. With clear walkthroughs for the various situations that you might encounter, coverage of each class of airspace and talking to other sources such as FSS, this book is a staple in every student pilot’s library.