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Straight Climbs and Descents – Entry

in Airplane Basic Flight Maneuvers - Electronic Flight Display

Descents can be accomplished with a constant rate, constant airspeed, or a combination. The following method can accomplish any of these with or without an attitude indicator. Reduce the power to allow the aircraft to decelerate to the desired airspeed while maintaining straight-and-level flight. As the aircraft approaches the desired airspeed, reduce the power to a predetermined value. The airspeed continues to decrease below the desired airspeed unless a simultaneous reduction in pitch is performed. The primary instrument for pitch is the ASI tape. If any deviation from the desired speed is noted, make small pitch corrections by referencing the attitude indicator and validate the changes made with the airspeed tape. Utilize the airspeed trend indicator to judge if the airspeed is increasing and at what rate. Remember to trim off any control pressures.

The entry procedure for a constant rate descent is the same except the primary instrument for pitch is the VSI tape. The primary instrument for power is the ASI. When performing a constant rate descent while maintaining a specific airspeed, coordinated use of pitch and power is required. Any change in pitch directly affects the airspeed. Conversely, any change in airspeed has a direct impact on vertical speed as long as the pitch is being held constant.


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