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Straight and Level Flight – Common Errors – Trim

in Airplane Basic Flight Maneuvers - Electronic Flight Display

Trim errors usually result from the following faults:

1. Improper adjustment of seat or rudder pedals for comfortable position of legs and feet. Tension in the ankles makes it difficult to relax rudder pressures.

2. Confusion about the operation of trim devices, which differ among various airplane types. Some trim wheels are aligned appropriately with the airplane’s axes; others are not. Some rotate in a direction contrary to expectations.

3. Failure to understand the principles of trim and that the aircraft is being trimmed for airspeed, not a pitch attitude.

4. Faulty sequence in trim techniques. Trim should be utilized to relieve control pressures, not to change pitch attitudes. The proper trim technique has the pilot holding the control wheel first and then trimming to relieve any control pressures. Continuous trim changes are required as the power setting is changed. Utilize the trim continuously, but in small amounts.


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