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Straight and Level Flight – Common Errors – Power

in Airplane Basic Flight Maneuvers - Electronic Flight Display

Power errors usually result from but are not limited to the following errors:

1. Failure to become familiar with the aircraft’s specific power settings and pitch attitudes.

2. Abrupt use of throttle.

3. Failure to lead the airspeed when making power changes, climbs, or descents.

Example: When leveling off from a descent, increase the power in order to avoid the airspeed from bleeding off due to the decrease in momentum of the aircraft. If the pilot waits to bring in the power until after the aircraft is established in the level pitch attitude, the aircraft will have already decreased below the speed desired, which will require additional adjustment in the power setting.

4. Fixation on airspeed tape or manifold pressure indications during airspeed changes, resulting in erratic control of airspeed, power, as well as pitch and bank attitudes.


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