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Straight and Level Flight – Bank Control – Turn Rate Indicator

in Airplane Basic Flight Maneuvers - Electronic Flight Display

The turn rate indicator gives an indirect indication of bank. It is a magenta trend indicator capable of displaying half standard as well as standard rate turns to both the left and right. [Figure 7-54] The turn indicator is capable of indicating turns up to 4 degrees per second by extending the magenta line outward from the standard rate mark. If the rate of turn has exceeded 4 degrees per second, the magenta line can not precisely indicate where the heading will be in the next 6 seconds; the magenta line freezes and an arrowhead will be displayed. This alerts the pilot to the fact that the normal range of operation has been exceeded.

Figure 7-54. Slip/skid and turn rate indicator.

Figure 7-54. Slip/skid and turn rate indicator.


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