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Unusual Attitudes and Recoveries (Part Three) Common Errors in Unusual Attitudes

in Airplane Basic Flight Maneuvers - Analog Instrumentation

Common errors associated with unusual attitudes include the following faults:

1. Failure to keep the airplane properly trimmed. A flight deck interruption when holding pressures can easily lead to inadvertent entry into unusual attitudes.

2 Disorganized flight deck. Hunting for charts, logs, computers, etc., can seriously distract attention from the instruments.

3. Slow cross-check and fixations. The impulse is to stop and stare when noting an instrument discrepancy unless a pilot has trained enough to develop the skill required for immediate recognition.

4. Attempting to recover by sensory sensations other than sight. The discussion of disorientation in Human Factors, indicates the importance of trusting the instruments.

5. Failure to practice basic instrument skills. All of the errors noted in connection with basic instrument skills are aggravated during unusual attitude recoveries until the elementary skills have been mastered.


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