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Navigation Database Currency (Part Three) Programming the Flight Route

by Flight Learnings

in Navigation

The procedures used to program an FMS with your intended route of flight are fundamentally the same in all types of systems, yet many differences are evident. The primary difference between systems lies mainly in the “knob or switchology”—the specific design features, operational requirements, and layout of the controls and displays used to operate the avionics. Be thoroughly familiar with the procedures required for each FMS or RNAV unit to be used.

Suppose you have planned a flight from San Carlos Airport (KSQL) to Oakdale Airport (O27), as shown in the flight plan appearing in Figure 3-8. The planned route proceeds directly to SUNOL intersection, then follows V195 until reaching ECA, the initial approach fix for the GPS Runway 10 approach into Oakdale. The distances, bearings, estimated times en route, and fuel requirements for the flight have all been calculated. The next step is to enter some of these details into the FMS.

Figure 3-8. A conventional flight plan.

Figure 3-8. A conventional flight plan.

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