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Navigation Database Currency (Part One) Alternative Means of Navigation

by Flight Learnings

in Navigation

The navigation database contained in the FMS must be current if the system is to be used for IFR navigation and approaches. Some units allow en route IFR operations if the navigation waypoints are manually verified by the pilot and accepted. The effective dates for the navigation database are shown on a start-up screen that is displayed as the FMS cycles through its startup self-test. Check these dates to ensure that the navigation database is current. Figure 3-7 shows the start-up screen and effective dates for one popular FMS.

Figure 3-7. Checking the navigation database.

Figure 3-7. Checking the navigation database.

Alternative Means of Navigation

To use some GPS-based RNAV units (those certified under Technical Standard Order (TSO) 129) for IFR flight, an aircraft must also be equipped with an approved and alternate means of IFR navigation (e.g., VOR receiver) appropriate to the flight. Ensure that this equipment is on board and operational, and that all required checks have been performed (e.g., 30-day VOR check). The avionics operations manual/handbook should state the certification status of the installed system. The supplements to the AFM should state the status of the installed equipment, including the installed avionics. Most systems require that the advanced avionics manuals be on board as a limitation of use.

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