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Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke System

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The Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System with the separate throttle quadrant  is a must have for all Flight Simulator enthusiasts, whether you are a serious sim player, or are just using a flight simulator to teach yourself some of the basics prior to going to flight school.  The Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System is a 1:1 scale model, with a 180 degree turn radius, of the yoke handle found in some Cessna aircraft.

With the stainless steel construction and the two position clamp, its quick and easy to mount the yoke and throttle control solidly to your desk in the optimal position for flying.  While it costs a bit more than the previous version, this yoke system seems a bit more durable and the full 90 degree turning radius adds a little more realism to your flight experience.

Flight Learnings highly recommends doing a bit of practice with Microsoft Flight Simulator before, during and after your flight training.  Its not a substitute for the real thing, but it can certainly save you some money by helping to prepare you for flight lessons.  I always liked to go home after my flight lessons and try to recreate what I had learned in the air with my instructor.  It went a long way in helping me absorb and retain what I had learned from my instructor earlier in the day.  I believe adding the yoke system, throttle quadrant, pedals and other controls went even further in building my confidence and muscle memory for my next training session with my instructor.  It seemed a bit expensive at first, but I truly feel that it saved me hours with my instructor, which in the end resulted in an enormous amount of savings for me.  Its also a lot of fun 🙂

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