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Garmin aera 500 Color Touchscreen Aviation GPS

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The Garmin aera 500 Aviation GPS is a low-cost solution for personal use aviation GPSes with a touch-screen interface.  In addition to the aviation mode that gives you navaids, terrain, SUAs, obstructions and more, the Garmin area 500 also has a full automotive GPS option.

Benefits of the Garmin aera 500 GPS

  • Very bright 4.3 inch display for full sun viewing.
  • Yoke and car mounts are very useful
  • Personalized settings
  • Small and easy to carry (9.4 ounces)

Downsides of the unit

  • The touchscreen technology is outdated
  • Flight planner is difficult to use
  • Creating waypoints are cumbersome due to having to exit the map screen

Although this GPS is far from the best on the market, we gave it four stars due to its relatively low price point of around $700 USD and its reliability.  Its a good starter aviation GPS system if you don’t want to drop over a thousand dollars on your first unit.

As with any aviation GPS, it should only be a supplement to other methods of navigation and not your sole source since it can malfunction.

Garmin aera 500 Color Touchscreen Aviation GPS (Americas) – Get it at Amazon



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