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Aircraft Documents – Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

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The FAA recently added a new category called Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). Requirements for registration of these aircraft differ from those of other aircraft. The following guidelines are provided for LSA registration, but a more detailed explanation can be found on the FAA website at http//www.faa.gov.

An existing LSA that has not been issued a United States or foreign airworthiness certificate, and does not meet the provisions of 14 CFR section 103.1, must meet specific criteria in order to be certificated as an experimental LSA under 14 CFR section 21.191 (i)(l) before January 31, 2008. The following items must be provided: evidence of ownership of the parts or the manufacturer’s kit, Aircraft Registration Application (AC Form 8050-1), and a $5.00 registration fee. If evidence of ownership can not be supplied, an affidavit stating why it is not available must be submitted on the AC Form 8050-88A.

If an owner wants to register a newly manufactured LSA that will be certificated as an experimental light sport aircraft under 14 CFR section 21.191(i)(2), the following items must be provided: AC Form 8050-88A or its equivalent (completed by the LSA manufacturer, unless previously submitted to the Registry by the manufacturer), evidence from the manufacturer of ownership of an aircraft (kit-built or fly-away), AC Form 8050-1, and a $5.00 registration fee.


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